The 5 emotions of reading Super Baby Food:

1) Excitement: “Cool! I bought this book, and I’m going to make some baby food and it’s going to be so cute and fun and 70′s!”

2) Shock/Disbelief: “Is this author bat-shit crazy? Sprinkling a dash of kelp onto homemade rice porridge?”

3) Overwhelming Frustration with a side of tears: “I’m never going to find the time to make my own baby food, and my kid is going to grow up obese eating overprocessed jarred crap that’s not eco-friendly. I’m a horrible mother and a horrible person. Boo hoo.”

4) Self motivating mental slap in the face: “Pull yourself together woman! Stop whining, finish this huge book, and try it.”

5) Smug satisfaction: “My freezer is full of homemade organic food that my baby loves and I made my own whole grain millet porridge this morning. I’m awesome.”

It feels damn good to make healthy food for your child.  The same feeling you get after having a good weight work out, or perfectly painting a room, or turning in a well written thesis.

I’m grateful to have found this book and read it. And if I met the author on the street I would bow down low and kiss her practical shoes.  But would I recommend it? Not to the faint of heart.

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St-Germain Baked Pears

Every Sunday I get an organic produce delivery from the awesome people at Paradise O.  I end up making a bunch of stuff that I would never otherwise go for, like Summer Borscht and Banana Bread. This week’s kitchen shenanigans turned out pretty delicious…

Adapted from this recipe, I had to scramble to make it fit what was in my cupboard, but I stumbled upon a recipe that I’m tucking into my repertoire.

4 ripe pears with the bottoms cut off

1 Cup of St-Germain elderflower liqueur

2 Tablespoons of honey

1 Teaspoon of crushed bay leaves

1 Teaspoon of orange zest

Couple shakes of cinnamon powder

Place pears in a bread baking dish. Whisk together remaining ingredients and pour over pears. Bake for an hour at 400 degrees.  Serve with vanilla ice cream.

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Save the Bananas!

Beginning of fall + cold house + 3 brown bananas = banana bread time.  Check out the best banana bread recipe ever – it is delish.

Said the hub, “I pulled into the garage and smelled that banana bread and thought ‘wow, someone is very lucky,’ and it turned out to be me!”

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They say that babies take on the temperament of their mamas.  Guess, they’re right.  I don’t like Big Oil, and neither does little Audrey. In fact, she’ll protest loudly every time I try to put her in a car.

So when we went out to Fred Segal with my buddy Siel to check out a new organic haircare line, we skipped the car and hopped on the bus.  A success! Audrey loved sitting on my lap and checking out all the other passengers. The bus was cheap, quick, eco-friendly, and (most importantly) no crying – the perfect alternative to the dumb ole’ car.

And public transportation makes adults happy too….

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Hannah and I headed downtown to LA fashion week on Sunday to check out the Spring ’10 styles. But as a mompreneur I had to make the choice whether to 1) hire a sitter, pump out a few meals, and say goodbye to the little one, or 2) bring her along.

The fashion world can be a cold, hard place, and I had visions of eyes rolling fashionistas looking down at their nails as we walked by. But instead of Audrey being socially unacceptable… it was just the opposite.  We were hounded as we perused down the aisles of D&A. Everyone wanted to take a peak at Audrey and tell me about their own little ones.

The ticket was to go minimal. Instead of trying to muscle my way through with a stroller filled to the brim with toys, I threw Audrey in the sling and packed a few of the necessary supplies in my regular black handbag. Little Audrey was cozy and quiet while I walked. She had a great time snuggled up next to me, with plenty to look at.

Oh, and as for the fashions… Arena rock chic is still in full effect. So hang on to your shimmery shirts and skinny pants.  We saw a lot of sexy low backed pieces (yay!), plenty of two toned tie dye (blech), short jackets, thinner belts and some flowy batwing t-shirt dresses that can be dressed up or down. It’s going to be a fabulous season with plenty of eco-fashionable items to choose from.

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Life Text Messages

My mom’s preferred method of communication is text messaging.  The learning curve was steep but I knew once I received “c u after yoda” and actually comprehended it that we were on the path to a long and steadfast texting relationship.

About a week after I told mom I was expecting a baby, I got this out-of-the-blue text: “Your life will never be the same.”

Now that I’m typing while 4-month-old Audrey is sleeping on me, I finally get the weight of her message: I gave birth to a baby, but also a new self. There is no such thing as “when life gets back to normal”, or “once I get some sleep.”

What does that mean for me? As an entrepreneur? A blogger? A wife? A sister?

With my new title as mom, it means taking a machete to my priorities so I can raise this child the best way I’m able… while holding strong to as much of my former identity as possible.

Overwhelming? Yes, but I’m hoping to figure it all out as I go… and when the baby girl actually takes a nap, I’ll be recording my successes and failures here.

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Be Back Soon!

Still enjoying fun family times with Audrey May and the hub.  Be back soon!

Photo by Robin Ganter.

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I’m happy to say that I’ve had the easiest pregnancy known to womankind.  With the exception of a complete lack of motivation to blog and an ever-expanding belly, it’s been business as usual for me as I get ready to say hello to our girl.

I’ll be going semi-dark here for about two months for some family bonding time. I won’t be writing, but I’ll be reposting the photo-a-day journal that I recently started and tweeting (look to the right!) occasionally.

And if you’re interested in a blast from the past… here are the top 5 most popular blog posts ’round these parts:

1. Vegan Jello Shots

2. Upsidedown Tomatoes

3. Charlie Brown Christmas Squash

4. Easy Vegan Chocolate Fondue

5. Steel Cut Oats – Cheap, Tasty, Pain in the Neck

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My little sister and I are in pretty different stages in life.  She’s a carefree college gal and I’m an preggo business woman.  Even still, being of the same flesh and blood, we’ve got some sisterly obsessions – like eating at Pinkberry,  watching Heroes on Hulu, and reading Real Simple magazine.

Imagine our delight when this month’s Real Simple had a huge article on alternative household cleaning methods.

Sachi: Whoa! You know you can polish tarnished silver with toothpaste?!

Me: Yeah, I read that.  I wonder if it actually works.

Sachi: Do you have any toothpaste? The white pasty kind?

Me: Upstairs we’ve got some Tom’s of Maine stuff that we never use.

Sachi raced upstairs to get the toothpaste while I fished around for the most tarnished silver candlesticks known to humankind.

Just minutes later, she started rubbing a toothpaste smeared cloth against the sticks… and I’ll be damned if the silver didn’t start shining like the day I got it.  All she had to do was shine it up with the toothpaste and then rinse with water. We were both tickled pink… she got that strange sort of satisfaction that comes with polishing silver. And I got to sit my pregnant bum down on a chair and watch the miracle of minty fresh green cleaning while chatting with one of my favorite people.  Not a bad way to pass the time.

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Green Reads

Episode 9: Pesticides, plants, and steals…


Greater risk of birth defects when conceiving during high pesticide season. Another reason to go organic.


The Sunset Garden Book Plant Finder is now online! Search the database of 2500 plants … super convenient and paper free.


E-pal Jasmin dishes on Green Baby Bargains.

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