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Modern, eye-catching, uniquely crafted, BTC Elements combines smart style with sustainability. We hand-select each item in our boutique collection of fashion, gifts, and accessories with an eye to the environment and social justice. The result: fresh, inspiring designs that are both earth friendly and ethically sourced.

Because we work closely with small designers and artists who share our passion, our online boutique carries many one-of-a-kind items you won't find anywhere else. Our goal is to delight you with our distinctive collection of mindful products while providing value and excellent service.

Summer Bowen – Founder and CEO

BTC Elements was started in 2005 by Summer Bowen, a lifelong environmentalist who studied Sociology and Conservation at UC Berkeley. Summer is a Californian through and through. Born at the top of the state in Trinity County, she’s slowly made her way down the left coast to her final destination and home: Santa Monica. What she loves most about running BTC Elements is discovering and working with independent artists and designers who share her eco-values. Says Summer, “Because we only carry domestically made items, I can call my artists up anytime and collaborate or see what’s new and next. I know what's going on with their production, but also their lives. I love the sense of community." When not running BTC Elements, Summer is a mom to 3 year old Audrey. She also teaches green living workshops in Santa Monica through a local non-profit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is everything you carry environmentally friendly?

Yes! Each item we select for our boutique is made with materials that are ecologically friendly. Our natural products are either third-party certified organic or made from a plant that does not require the use of pesticides. In addition, many of our designs are created out of recycled or reused materials. Our detailed product descriptions give you information about what the item is made from and where it was manufactured. We also keep the life of the product in mind, selecting well-made items that will last a good long life in your closet or home.

BTC Elements is a proud "green business" member of Co-op America, a nonprofit organization that is committed to economic action for a just planet.

How do you make sure items are ethically sourced?

All of the items in the BTC Elements collection are made in the USA under US labor laws, or by small artisans in the USA who create their own asking price.

Where did you get the name BTC Elements?

"BTC" is an acronym for "Be The Change," a reference to Gandhi's famous quote, "you must be the change you wish to see in the world." "Elements" is a nod to the natural world that we aim to preserve and protect.

I'm a designer and I'd like to be included in the BTC Elements collection. Who should I contact?

Please send your info to If you'd like to chat about what steps you can take to make your product harmonious with BTC Elements' environmental and ethical policies, please contact us -- we would love to help out.

Love the site. Who designed it?

BTC Elements was very fortunate to partner up with graphic design and web development studio,
Gillen's Army.
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